Business Analysis on Barnes and Noble

In our Retail Management class, we were assigned the opportunity to perform a business analysis to evaluate a local company that served La Crosse.  Since I love the store and shop there often, I decided that I would research what I know and like, and maybe learn as the assignment progressed.

A retail analysis is an analysis of everything in a business venture, from sales and inventory, and to customer data. It is one way that gives you the ability to effectively track customer actions, like their purchases and foot traffic in your store.  It allows a company to make adjustments on their promotions, product offering and it is an opportunity to make changes for the good before it is too late.  It is a good opportunity, to be honest with yourselves and evaluate the good and the bad, and make a good decision based on the information you find.  Sections included in the book contain the following:

  • Executive Summary of the report;
  • Company Analysis of Barnes and Noble;
  • Product Analysis of Barnes and Noble and their offerings;
  • Industry Analysis – the market overall in regards to Barnes and Noble;
  • Competitor Analysis-who is the competitor and what do they offer;
  • Differentiation-what do they do well that others recognize and increase their business;
  • Geographic Info-where are they in regards to others;
  • Internet Analysis-how their company uses the internet;
  • Audience Analysis-who is the audience and what are they searching for;
  • SWOT-the good and possible bad of the company in regards to the business and the competitors and outside challenges.

My ebook is located in the following location for your review:


This assignment was interesting because I needed to look beyond the outside and look inward to see what made Barnes and Noble tick.  Was I disappointed in what I found?  Yes, in a way, because I thought they were doing better than other retailer, and were the leader in the book sales industry.  I have shopped at Barnes and Noble for years and I have never been disappointed in what I purchased.  I do not look at what is offered alone, as I value the customer service and the opportunity to page through a book before purchasing it.  I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing for a bit in a book that I may or may not purchase.  I also enjoy sitting in Barnes and Noble waiting out a storm, staying dry and sitting in a corner getting lost in the story.