What a Business Can Do In 2019-Retail Trends in 2019

In a Shopify Blog (https://www.shopify.com/retail/retail-trends-2019) recently, I found interesting information in regards to how a retailer could do better in the future.  And it appears that 2019 is THE year to do well.

We all heard the news about Shopko closing on the north side of La Crosse.  Is this a sign of things to come in the future?  Maybe, maybe not.  With Sears closing recently and other major retailers not doing well this year, the article above gives interesting information on making the customer the driver of what happens next.  Will retailers read this article and will they follow it could be a way of hanging on longer, just by allowing the customer lead by their preference.

To summarize, a customer will indicate what they want to purchase, and not purchase, by searching a website or visiting a store.  Good experiences in both will ensure that the customer leaves happy and has a good impression of the store.  This is appropriate in both retail and in life, and what we put into it, is what we also get out of it.

I have attached a Powerpoint outlining information reflected in the article to further explain the concepts outlined.