Me, Assessed By Me!

I had someone ask me once to describe myself in five words or phrases, and try not to brag.  May be easy for some, but not to me! I am a mother, a student, hard-worker, can keep secrets, and forgetful!

The same friend described me as a good friend, creative, funny, patient and artistic.  While I can agree with her assessment, there are other things I would like to be described as, such as smart, a leader, and the list goes on.

If I were to look in a mirror, I would like to see someone who has confidence to go out in the work world and obtain a well-paying job.  I will be competing with the younger generation when I graduate, and while I feel I am their equal, there are times I have my doubts.  I try to not let it get to me but there are times I wish I had started this journey earlier then when I did,  but while I know I will do well, will it be the best it could have been?  I have a friend who does not let things bother her and I am trying to think and emulate that, but it will take time!

Do I have flaws? Yes.  Are they harmful? No!  I have a habit of starting a list and while I could tackle it right away, it may take a moment to start.  Is that someone who procrastinates or someone who tries to get the important things done first?  I tend to do the latter, and I am working on that but there are days that it does not happen very fast!  In the reading “Want to Improve? Know Your Strengths” blog , I found it interesting that we should make the most of our talents.  I firmly believe that if I strengthen what I am good at, then I will go far!

Me, five years from now, will be debt-free and working from home, happy, and with a BIG cup of coffee!  I can see it on the horizon, and I will make it happen!