Banner Ads

Banner Ads


A banner ad or banner advertising in a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top or bottom, or along the side of a website.  Or more simply put, online advertising via banners, and their intent is to generate traffic to a particular website.

These ads are image-based, rather than text-based and a popular form of website advertising. They are very simple pieces of HTML code (they can be a simple image or active), but their presence is immense on the web, and to an internet business on the web.

The host is paid for the banner in one of three ways:

Cost per impression (every visitor who views the ad)

Cost per click (payment for every website visitor who clicks on the ad and

visits the website)


Cost per action (payment for every website visitor who clicks on the ad, goes to the website and completes a task such as filling out a form or making a purchase)


Who can create a banner?

            Anyone with a computer and internet access.

Who looks at the material?

           Any one on the internet.


This media is effective in the AIDA model by:

A: attention-the ad may pop up depending on what is typed into the search field.

I: Interest- you may already be interested in the item and you will search further.

D: Desire? Maybe…depends on what you are looking for and price.

A: Action-Maybe? Depends on interest and the price.

For Kent’s Camera Castle, depending on the age of the potential customer, many older adults prefer to go in and look at the item, and they may or may not be on the internet, but this will serve the younger market.

An effective message would be short and to the point, because if you are already on the web, you have an idea of what you want.

I would use the display ad using the name of the camera, three beneficial features, and one tag line.

Clear, Superior, Professional

The audience is as large as the web, and it informs the audience, may persuade the audience, reminds you about the product and connects you to the person advertising in order to purchase the item)

I was surprised that yes, it is easy to create your banner, but you must also find a person to publish it or exhibit the banner for you.  I felt with all the social media, one of those would work.

The first banner ad was created by AT&T, on October 27, 1994 and even has its own .com address!

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